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Tyler Dragon
Tyler Dragon, USA TODAY Sports+ NFL Insider

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I’m USA TODAY Sports+ NFL Insider Tyler Dragon. I also cover Olympic sports for USA TODAY and USA TODAY Sports+. I’ve traveled around the country and world covering the NFL and other sports since 2014. I've reported on the NFL at London's Wembley Stadium and had a front row seat inside Tokyo's Olympic Stadium for the Tokyo Olympic Games. 

Prior to becoming a sports journalist, I was a student-athlete at UCLA and Howard. I’ve played sports and covered sports for most of my life. Needless to say, I can talk about sports all day and every day. Now you can discuss the NFL and even other sports with me. Join my texting group to get exclusive, behind-the-scenes details and analysis about your favorite NFL teams, players and trending topics. This group text is meant to be fun, collaborative and informative.

We will text all things NFL and dabble in other sports in this text group. I’ll provide you all with exclusive insider information and quick analysis. Plus, you all can text me questions and I’ll give you answers.

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