St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Harrison Bader moonlights as elementary school P.E. teacher

With MLB players currently unable to participate in any team activities because of the ongoing lockout, St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Harrison Bader used some of his free time to go back to school. 

Elementary school.

Meramec Elementary in Clayton, Missouri, needed a substitute physical education teacher when classes resumed after the new year -- and Bader was willing and able to pinch-hit. 

“We introduced him as a sub, or a guest teacher, and so they were all like wearing masks and he didn’t have a uniform. It was like, wait a second, who is this? What’s going on?” Principal Patrick Fisher told KSDK-TV.

Missouri state senator Brian Williams played the crucial role of connecting the Cardinals center fielder with the elementary school. Fisher said it was a perfect match. 

“There wasn’t a hesitation from him just to hop right in and get in there and mix it with the kids,” he said.

Bader joined the students in playing a game they had created and then signed autographs afterward. He did admit, though, that he was looking forward to getting back to his day job. 

“Definitely not going to have a career change,” Bader said. “It was nice though to be in St. Louis and not have to worry about which righty throwing 100 was trying to take my lunch that day.”